striking myrtle cuttings for topiary

xanaxx(z5MO)July 11, 2003

I recently bought three myrtle plants through mail order to use for topiary. The main stems of the plants had been snipped so that the plants would branch which makes it impossible to use these plants for a standard. What is the best way to strike myrtle cuttings so that I can have new plants in which to use for standards? I am speaking of myrtus communis microphylla by the way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated since all previous attempts at striking cutting have been unsuccessful.

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A new appropriate leader nearest the top could be selected then just let it grow to the height that you like. Myrtle grow quite rapidly when receiving direct sun. You can trim it to be double stacked instead of a regular single like you normally see.
Softwood or semi ripe cuttings aided with rooting hormone planted in a well drained mix during early summer is best time to propagate. Seeds also germinate readily. Good Luck!

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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icgreener(z5 MI)

I agree also, choose a new leader and tie it straight, to get
new height, I am a rookie too hee hee , I choose to take a cutting when I trim (can't waist it) dip in rooting hormone and
have a pot of construction sand in a pot (already watered well)
make a hole with a pencil end and stick it in there.
don't let it dry out put a bag or something over it or set it in a shady spot till it roots! Happy planting!!!!!

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emilytree(3 or 5(cant tell))

hmm i too am a rookie, i dnt understand some of this terminology, but i too would like to make some myrtle cuttings could someone walk me through this please?

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