Keeping Rosemary Topiary Alive

ralston6000July 8, 2013

I just bought an absoluteley gorgeous double ball rosemary topiary at the grocery store and am determined to make it live this time! It always dries up! For decorative purposes, I need it to be inside in a certain part of the house that doesn't get a lot of light. Some things to note: I live in California, I don't have mites or pests, the room is not humid and there is little to no sun. Also, I am not replanting it. It will remain in the plastic planter it came in. I would be very grateful if someone could give me some clear, simple steps to keep it alive. I don't mind taking it out every morning or so for sun, then back inside. Would this help? I've also heard so many conflicting stories on watering. Should it always be slightly damp or should I let it dry out completely, then water? Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing from someone!

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