Paris in March

eihpetsJanuary 16, 2002

I'm planning to visit Paris for 6 days in mid March. That time of year, is it still worth taking a day to go to Giverny? I've heard it's beautiful, but if it's all dormant from winter is it worth the trip?


steph...wishing it was March already...

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Ok, I'm finding the Giverny gardens are closed till April, so that answers that questions. Are there any gardens to recommend that would be open that time of year?


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TheGardnr(z6 MA, Cape Cod)

A place that I like is the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, 5th arrondissement.

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There is a site for gardens in Paris (but sorry there is no optino in english). But you have the adress.
Two news gardens: Parc André Citroën and another one is Parc de Bercy. (both in Paris)

Here is a link that might be useful: Jardins de Paris

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mayalee(z8 costal)

Good evening Steph... I am french so I will try to help you. If I were you, I would go and visit one of the most beautiful castle "Le Chateau de Versailles". It is a castle and a garden you will NEVER forget ! This was the "house" for the king Louis XIV, a very luxurious one indeed ! and the gardens outside were designed by Lenotre. If you do not see a lot of flowers, you will still be amazed at the gorgeous fountains, the numerous statues, and all the beautiful edged gardens. Do not skip the castle, it is a MUST see. The City of Versailles is about 15 miles south west of Paris. I would recommend that you go to the Tourism office on the Champs Elysees to learn how to get there. Train is probably the best as you would avoid the sometimes very heavy traffic ! Don't forget your camera, you will need it !Have fun and let me know when you come back how it was ! Hope you did learn a few words of french ... it does help to get a smile ! :-) Maya

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susan82(So. CA)

I also hoped to visit Giverny during my visit last
May...It was closed the day I wanted to go! Versailles
is great, and has a little train that will take you
around the expansive grounds. I was
crazy about Parc de Bagatelle...Also have heard
Rosearie d'lHay is spectacular!


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