Gardens in Italy

EileenJanuary 27, 2000

Hi Folks!

I'm going to Italy in June and was wondering if anyone has suggestions for "open to the public" gardens I can visit. We will be gone for 10 days and will visit Rome, Florence and Venice.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


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Kalmia(z8 SC)

My husband & I visited the Boboli gardens in Florence in 1997. It was beautiful. You must see the Vatican gardens and Tivoli while you are in Rome. We did go to Venice but didn't see anything but window boxes there. I loved Florence and Rome but I think Sorrento and Ravello are the most beautiful places on earth. We are planning on returning this fall. Have a wonderful time.

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laura(6 mo.)

Hi! I just visited Italy last summer. It was beautiful. I didn't go any gardens but the city one in Florance. Have you been to Italy before? If not I may have some travel tips that might help you out. Just email me if you want. Have a great vaction!

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Lawrence edmonds

there is a very pleasant garden in Bologna,(walking distance) or by bus. Orto Botanico is located just off via Irnerio (#42). Dr. Zanotti is the supervisor of the garden (e-mail: zannoni@alma.unibo.
I will be there soon.

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Lynda(5b Montreal)

Hello, we were in Italy a year ago last September and would love to return again. Did not visit any gardens specifically but think you will be enthralled (as we were) with the way people surround their balconies or door entrances with window boxes and other beautiful plantings. In the Tuscany area especially, their doors are a rich and beautiful wood and can be tucked into a little alcove framed with flowers. Enjoy - as I am sure you will!

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Carol Blair

I am also going to Italy. I never been there before but have read about a number of the Villa estates. There is a book you should get. It's by Penelope Hobhouse and titled 'A Garden Lovers Guide to Italy'. It has information on the gardens and Italian telephone numbers to call. The last edition is 3 years old.

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scott(7 NC)

Of course by now youll have been and gone! Theres a UK site called Gardenvisit which has history of UK gardens etc and then an extension of gardens in italy etc. In Florence, definetly the Boboli. But picture it with the statues put back! At Tivoli, the Villa D'Este and Hadrians Villa, the Vatican gardens if you can. In Rome, the gardens of the Villa Borghese and Villa Medici, The Villa Giulia. Nearby at Frascati are a swarm of villas with distinctive terraced gardens built by the great families to escape from a Roman Summer. Villa Orsini - the Sacro Bosco because its so wierd. Villa Gamberaia in tuscany, and all the medici villas. For venice you need to go inland to the Veneto, to Vicenza etc. The villas there have smaller gardens but are all close to each other and are easy day trips.

I have some great book titles if youd like.
Hope you go again!
Scott in Sydney.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden visit site

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Does anyone have any information on gardens in Sicily?

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Sorry to correct you but the Villa Lante is in Bagnaia, a town near Viterbo, about two hours north of Rome. Many consider it the finest of all Italian gardens. I was just there last spring, after dreaming of it for twenty years.

Tho, sadly, no one seems to visit this forum, I must echo the advice above about Penelope Hobhouse's guidebook to Italian gardens. That will give you an overview and you can do deeper research online for current hours and so on.

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