Landscaping/transplanting question

elstenAugust 16, 2012

Hello, all! We live in an older home with lots of mature, very under-maintained, oddly-placed landscaping. Help is needed!

Has anyone successfully transplanted a large, mature quince bush?

How about a mature pussy willow (10+ feet tall)?

On another note, any suggestions for a medium-sized shrub/bush/tree that would be appropriate when placed against the house in front bed landscaping?

Thanks so much! Enjoy this cooler weather!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

IMO, the effort needed to move these larger shrubs would exceed their value to the landscape in all but special circumstances. It's much easier to plant new specimens!

Neither of these would be too finicky to move, but both would be a PITB without special equipment, because of their size.

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I agree with brandon. Unless those shrubs had sentimental value, like your grandmother planted them 50 yrs ago, it's probably better to buy new ones. But if you are set on moving them I would cut them way back, in the fall or early winter, when they are going dormant. Then move them with as much root ball as you can. Place on a big tarp to move to an already-dug, very big hole, transplant and mulch. If they do not come back in the spring then you can get new ones. Good luck.

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