What could I use for a braided tree in the yard??

lovemyhubby(5 IL.)August 17, 2002

I live with 55 acres and pretty much have access to any tree I would like. I always like those braided trees that you see in every supermarket that sells plants or Wall-Mart. I would like to try to actually plant 3 young saplings right next to each other and braid them as they grow. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should use? I have lots of red buds or dog woods?? I am aware that I will probably have to cut it down in about 20 years due to strangulation but it sure will be pretty until then! Or do you think I could use an actual maple or weeping willow?

What do you think?


just an idea to...Have any of you ever tried to plant to strikingly different pines next to each other like a box wood and a cedar and then twisting them and trimming them into the spiral? So it would look like a swirl ice cream cone?

Just wondering.


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I know nothing about this topic, but how about Rose of Sharon? If you don't have any, anyone with one will be able to give you lots of babies. Maybe you could braid together some different colors. I could be wrong, but it seems like they would be smaller in caliper than some of the other trees you mentioned and would therefore, last longer. Good luck and how about sending some of those dogwoods my way? I would be happy to send you some Rose of Sharon in exchange!

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First of all, when you braid young trunks together they will eventually graft together forming one trunk that will still appear braided and should continue to grow for many years.
Rather than use three separate saplings, it would be best to comb your property for one with three multiple trunks. This is quite common with dogwood and redbud. Either would be a suitable candidate. Also clump birch, Rose of Sharon (as mentioned), Armur maple, Amelanchier.

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lovemyhubby(5 IL.)

That is a great idea! I don't know why I didn't think of it. I have lots of rose of sharon in my yard and there always coming up eveywhere! Someone also wrote me and mentioned to use one that already has 3 trunks like a dog wood or rose of sharen since they will just graft together and keep on growing. I will probably try both and see how it goes. Thanks eveyone!! Tasha

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I would like to take 4 separate American persimmon nursery-grafted saplings (whips) and braid them so that they form a single, solid trunk bearing buds from all 4 of the original whips. Would this work? I want this to last forever (relatively speaking) - not just 20 years. I thought about taping them together, instead of braiding them, and I don't know, but maybe that would work (inosculation)...



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