Shredded tree stump as mulch?

gretchenanneAugust 10, 2007

We had some tree stumps ground down a few weeks ago and I'm debating whether or not to use the remains as mulch. I've heard it's fine; I've heard that when it decays it causes fungus and that it can attract termites. Has anyone done this, and has it worked? Or would you advise against it?



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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

If you do use it, let it compost for at least several months before you put it on your plants.

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Thanks, amazindirt. If I use it my plan is to prep beds out front this fall with cardboard/newspaper, compost, and then the mulch, let them sit all winter, and plant in the spring.

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If the trees died because of disease, the disease could be spread by using the stump for mulch. This may not be a major concern, but it's something you might consider if you know what killed the trees.

So far as the termites go, most types of wood mulch placed next to your home will potentially contribute to this problem. There's no reason that the stump mulch would invite termites more than the standard hardwood mulch you can purchase in bags or bulk.

The fungus shouldn't cause any problems except maybe for looks. All wood mulch produces fungus as it breaks down.

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Weird, Amazindirt's post didn't show up until after I posted. Sometimes Gardenweb does weird things.....

Anyway, letting the stump mulch compost first could help with three things. First, if composted well, the potential for disease could be reduced. Second, less fungus would probably occur when the mulch was spread. Third, although usually not really an issue, the composted mulch would not tie up as much nitrogen form the top layer of soil.

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I had a huge silver maple stump ground down. I put a lot of this material on a place where I do not want things growing. I am fighting paper mulberry on this spot.

So far (a month) it has not slowed the mulberry down. There are roots of hemlock, dogwood and crepe myrtle in the area also.

I am afraid the paper mulberry will out live me, and everyone else on the planet.

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