Lemon Verbena Topiary

ladyjanerAugust 24, 2002


I have a lemon verbena herb that I am training into a nice little topiary tree. It's has a skinny little trunk with a nice round top (a work in progress!). My question is, is there anything I can do to help the trunk thicken up? I'd like it to look like an old tree with a nice thick trunk, but right now it looks like a little twig!! It's in a pot outside right now, but I will have to bring it in for the winter.

Also, any suggestions about overwintering it indoors. I know they like a lot of sun, and I"m afraid that I will not be able to provide adequate light. Any tips on letting it go dormant?



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hookilau(long island NY)

Go check out the bonsai forum, there are many hints and tips there regarding how to thicken trunk and increase ramification (branching habit)...it seems to me that the 2 subjects, topiary and bonsai are closely related and many techniques employed in bonsai culture can be successfully applied to topiary.

Good Luck!

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