April FOTESS Swap-Part 2

sjc48April 29, 2012

Good Morning Everyone!

The first swap site was filled, so I opened this one.

Lisa, Thanks for posting!

We still have 2 poems to go, folks!

Annie and Lisa, please post your poem here, when you receive, okay!?

It ain't over yet, folks!

Have a great day!


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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

It's even better than Xmas! It's one of those great days where everything is going my way...and it's better than xmas because I don't have to cook, lug around presents or make sure everyone is wearing appropriate clothing!
What fun! My bingo prize came!
I received 2 poem books. 1 is Walt Whitman "Song of Myself" and another "Rhyme and Reason" by Elinor Rose.

Last night she thought the dinner fine;
Her guests pronounced the food divine.
This moring, though, her pride's upset;
The rolls are in the oven yet.

I also received a fun envelope of Hummingbird Haven seed mix to plant and some Poet Stamps!
Thank you! Thank you!

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OMG! Heidi, I've done that! Once with rolls, and once with the extra stuffing. Everyone was so bummed that there wasn't more stuffing - DUH!
Glad you liked the prize!

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lisam627_ohio_z6(Z5 OH)


I received a wonderful package from Corrine yesterday. She made me a cute card which was innovatively done using sections from recycled seed envelopes! It contained the following poem:

Green Envy

Like a little sprout peeking up
Out of the soil with hope
A single seed packet holds the
Promise of more beauty and bounty
Or something worse - green envy

It sneaks up on you so innocently
Just one more packet
Just in case
Leads to another
And another

Soon the basket is full
So a few go back, but
The rest must be kept
Since you can't decide
Which to let go

If only you could walk past
That little seed rack without
Looking or touching the packets
Then you'd be safe
Until your next shopping trip

Thank you Corrine - this was very creative! Also, Corrine was checking my seed "wants" list on GW, because she also included 16 seed packets of plants I always enjoy growing and can't get enough of:

Green Sword Cucumber, Parsley - Plain Italian, 2 packs of Cilantro/Coriander, Marigold - French Dwarf Double Mixed Colors, Cilantro - Slow Bolting, Eggplant - Japanese Pickling, Pepper - Hidalgo Chile, Bachelor Buttons Mix, Calendula - Dark Orange, Calendula - Mixed, Corydalis Lutea - Yellow, Hosta sieboldiana - Elegans, Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, Marigold - Yellow, Cosmos.

She also included a few more surprise gifts! A set of 3 Eco Garden Pots with 3 packs of seeds and soil, and also a container of Dream Girl lip gloss, Shiseido Benefiance Nutriperfect Day Cream and Shiseido Benefiance Cleansing Foam.

Thanks for sending me such a nice package, Corrine. It is apparent how much thought you put in it for me and I really appreciate it!

Thanks also Shirley for doing a great job coordinating this swap!

Lisa :)

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WOW! Great prose poem, Corrine! Also, good use of enjambment! Sounds like a very nice package all around!
Thanks for posting, Lisa!

Another rainy day here, this is getting silly. I'm running out of "garden type stuff" I can do inside!

One more package to go and we can wrap this swap up!
Talk to ya all later!

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I'm so glad Lisa got her package I sent out on Friday morning before we left for a 3 day weekend. I was surprised that my post with the DC number wasn't on the other thread. I must have made a mistake & it didn't post. It wasn't my intent to be silent about it being on the way.

We had a great weekend & it only rained at night until we were leaving yesterday morning. We didn't have any big garden projects this trip. I finished up the sedum garden with more plants from our place and added sprinkling of colorful sand & aquarium rocks. I sure hope his parents like the zany bit of color there along the sidewalk between the shed & the house. James added some French marigolds for the planters because the perennials weren't growing fast enough. I removed the lamium that was the yellow flowering invasive type & replaced it with a purple foliage euphorbia plus some trailing sedums. I should have taken pictures, but can another trip as they should be even better.

Happy May Day to all!


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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

LOL! I have also done the roll thing! The good part is after everyone has gone home...the kiddo's have a roll feast :)

Corrine, super poem! And I've done the aquarium rocks in my rock garden too. I stopped a few years ago at a yard sale and this man had giant plastic containers filled with different colored rocks...for only 50 cents a container. I bought all he had. :) I have pinks, greens, blues and even a sparkly black. Your right, the color is zany, but people really notice it :)

Happy May Day!

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Hey Everyone!
Vina, I froze my rolls, shared the stuffing with my neighbor! I remember that she asked why my family didn't like it!
Well, it turned out to be a better day than I thought! I got all my "important" butterfly host/nectar plants in the ground!! Yea!!
It still looks like a big mess out there, but actually, I begin to see light at the end of the tunnel!
If I get another good day tomorrow, I'll get the salvias, penstemons, New England asters and the sneezeweed in the ground! I'm on a roll!!
Hope everyone had a great day too!

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Had another great day planting out! It got to 83 today!
Maybe this is the turnaround point in the weather!
Hope everyone had a great day!

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Lisa, your wonderful "WHAT WAS I THINKING" package arrived. I opened it last night...what a delight!

Lisa, sent a lovely note. She also included the following.....
* two photo cards...very nice
* gardening gloves...can never have enough
* hummingbird windchime...very cool
* many seeds...GREAT selection!! Quite a few of my wants...fantastic!
Slendererette Green Bush beans
Beet Detroit Dark red, Morses Strain
Columbine Tequila Sunrise
Hollyhock Peaches N Dreams
Scabiosa Summer Fruits
Sunflower Starburst
Cornflower Blackball
Dr. Lyle Tomato
Humph Tomato
Zogola Tomato
KBX Tomato
Northern Lights Tomato
Mary Robinson German Bi-color Tomato
Sunflower Sunspot
Sunflower Razzmatazz mix
Sunflower Chianti
Amaranth Molten Fire
Amaranth Autumns Touch
Scabiosa Summer Berries
Nasturium Moonlight

And the poem....Lisa, I love it.


The Need For Seed
Has Been Instilled In Me,
By My Father, My Aunt
And Grandmother Indeed!

So It's Not My Fault
That I Crave To Sow
Every Herb, Every Vegetable,
Every Flower I Can Grow!

But One Thing I've Learned,
With My Experience With Seed,
"A Seed Is A Treasure,
Until It Becomes A Weed!"

As well, Lisa, I wish you the most wonderful growing season. May your gardens be beautiful and delicious! I would wish you no weeds, but we all know that simply will not happen...LOL!!

Thank you very much! I so enjoyed!!


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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Hey all!

Annie, Nope, no sending me the same seeds. :D I looked some up and can't wait to give them a try. Thanks so much again!

"A Seed is a treasure,
Until it becomes a weed"

LOVE THIS! I think I'm going to put this on a garden project that I'm doing this summer :)

Have a great night!

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Lisa! What a GOOD poem! The whole package sounded like lots of fun!
Thanks for posting, Annie!
Well, that's the last of the poems/cards/seed packages for this swap, so we can close this one down!
If you read back over the poems, you will notice that, like Lisa's poem, we each expressed how gardening, seeds and our friends have made such a difference in our lives, adding humor along with the contentment. Yeah, we may all seem like we are "addicted" but none of us seem very upset by that!
I want to thank EVERYONE for taking part in this swap and taking the time to rack your brains to write the poem!
See ya over on the May FOTESS Swap!

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