Infestation!!! Am I in trouble?

behaviorkelton(7-ish)August 8, 2010

Take a look at these caterpillar things I have found in two different Redbud trees... in my yard. One was my treasured Forest Pansy Redbud and the other is a regular Redbud.

So, I have clipped both of the infested sections and removed them from the tree.. threw them away.

But is this a sign of a looming garden cancer in my yard?

What are they?

Should I remove the offended branch (as I did) or can I just kill the bugs and assume that the branch will be all recovered next year?

Thanks for the help! (oh, the link is below)!651&Bpub=SDX.Photos&Bsrc=GetSharingLink


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I copied and pasted the link, but all I get is an error message:

The item has been moved or deleted, or you don't have permission to view it.

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Hmmm... I'm wondering if my link requires that you use or have "silverlight".

Anyway, here is a link to my Flickr account. It will work.

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You really don't have to "cut" those out - they are eating the leaves and now you have permanently removed branches!

You can just take a stick and break up the web. Yes, the branch will recover next year. This is not a 'looming cancer', I promise.

Ugly to look at, but not so harmful.

Here is a link that might be useful: your picture

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That's good news, then.

In light internet reading (in the past), I know I have heard of various kinds of infestations and blights.

Given my recent encounter with voles...lots of damage to high value young trees in my yard... I figured this might be yet another curse!

I can tolerate some momentary damage even if it is unsightly, but didn't want it to be the start of some major and ruinous problem.

And there is surprisingly little that can be done about voles.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

The "web worm" type caterpillars can can damage trees if they are allowed to continually defoliate a tree. Healthy trees can bounce back even after a serious foliage loss due to these critters, but if they eat a large portion of the leaves over and over or year after year, even a healthy tree can be stressed or even lost. Don't remove any limbs, just try to remove the webs. Various methods can help including removing the web with a stick (as long as you can reach it), spraying them out of trees with a high pressure jet of water, systemic insecticides, and tanglefoot type traps around the trunk of the tree.

I'm still searching for the best way to get rid of voles. Maybe you could train Goldie to sniff and dig them out.

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Ha! (goldie sniffing 'em out)

Goldie is not inclined to do stuff like that. She is more of a mellow, just hang around kind of dog.

Thanks for the info, though!

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