Myrtle Topiary... HELP

MellymSeptember 1, 2004

The leaves on my myrtle topiary have really dried up and the are starting to fall off. I'm really worried that i didn't water it enough and now it's dead. Is there any way i can bring it back to life?!?!? PLZ HELP ME

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Mellym, I'm not that knowledgeable on myrtle, but it's an indoor plant and there's an indoor plant forum. I'm not sure what variety you have, but do this first. Scrape a small part of the bark off and see if it is still green and fresh (not dried out). If so, it's still alive. If not then I'm sorry, it's a gonner.

I don't really know if you've been underwatering it, or overwatering it. You didnt' state how often you've been watering but a sure guide would be to look at the soil. It should be somewhat damp but not saturated. If it is overly saturated, then you are overwatering. On the otherhand if you've waited until the soil is bone dry -- and then watered the plant - then you've underwatered. The trick is to maintain moisture levels.

This plant from what I know about it, needs lots of indirect sunlight and so will benefit from a window where it receives a good amount of that.

I hope this is a start, but do bring your concerns to the indoor plant forum for other people's experience. Hopefully from those who owned such a plant before.

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I found out there's no indoor plant forum but there is a houseplant forum. However there isn't any information around concerning myrtle. I've even tried the www and have come up with nothing. Many times these plants are considered tender perennials. These are herbs as well - so why don't you contact a garden centre for assistance. I'm just not too familiar with how to take care of myrtles. (I'm assuming this is a German Myrtle).

Good luck.

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Thanx for all your help!!!

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I have Myrtle (roman) which I have had for years. I forgot about it & it dried out & leaves were falling off, etc. However, I watered it & trimmed off the small dead twigs & it came back. Took some time & a lot of careful pruning to get it into shape.

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gemfire(z9/10 AZ)

here's a site that might help.

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emilytree(3 or 5(cant tell))

hmmm i have a few small topiary myrtles, and the first one i ever had died bcuz i was expecting it to be more drought resistant, i found once it dried out i couldnt bring it back, but if yours isnt too far gone you should be able to bring it back i hope. I find the trick with these is to have a water tray under the pot and keep a half centimeter of water in it if its a small pot and an inch if its a large pot.Its also good to use an easily drained, medium rich soil, a few tiny rocks help with the drainage. They also love humidity and like you said a lot of indirect sunlight. good luck!!

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I have about 5 indoor myrtle topiary of various sizes. Here are some tips:
I keep mine on a window sill with indirect light, over my sink. They are thirsty buggers. I water them about every 3-4 days. I put them right in my sink, run a stream of water, and then let them sit there and drain. Another way to know if they need water is when a few leaves start to curl a bit...but don't let it go too far!! Many curling leaves over the entire plant is trouble. I feed them miracle grow fertilizer diluted in water every 3-4 weeks. Each plant is staked for support and I trim them often, usually every 2 waterings. Yes, this is like caring for a pet! I find they are easily propagated. I just clip a small branch, put it in a small class of water for about a week, then stick it in a small container of potting soil. The small ones I water often, usually every 2 days. Good luck!

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I am trying to find a myrtle plant to buy but cannot find a supplier anywhere. I'd like the plant/or tree that blooms the white starlike flowers, if possible.
Can anyone help me?
Thanks so much and anxiously awaiting an answer.

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Myrtle Topiary Care Instructions
Keep this plant out of direct sunlight in the summer time. Part sun in winter is ok.
Filtered sunlight is ideal but will tolerate low levels.
Mild liquid fertilizer once every two to three weeks.
Water thoroughly. Keep soil moist at all times. Do not put above fire place or near heaters. The plant will dry out quickly.
Trim to maintain shape with sharp scissors.
Seen in many decorating magazines.
This topiary plant gives you instant home decor.

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