spearmint juniper

puggarden(GA)September 29, 2003


I have recently planted two spearmint junipers in front of my house. I would like to keep them to about 7-8 feet tall and 2 or 3 feet wide. Is this possible and how do I achieve this? Thank you.


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Juniper responds well to pruning and trimming to desired sculptural form. Select the new leader near the top close to the desired height then simply prune away the excess. Trim back all side branches protruding beyond bounds or are excessively long. It may first create gaps in appearance but new growth will fill in the space quickly. Be certain to cut the stems and leave the foliage alone as the foliage tends to turn unsightly brown in color.

Repeat the process as necessary. In case a mistake was made attempt to correct it the next time around. Practice made perfect as the old saying goes. ;-]

A good time to prune is late spring through summer. It's my experience that Juniper grows back quicker as perhaps the
heat stimulates the plant to put on the new growth.

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