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CindyNovember 12, 2001

I have purchased my 1st topiary frame a standing rabbit. I plan on putting it outdoors .Im in zone 4b. Any Ideas on what to use for a year round outdoor plant,shrub? I was thinking to use a boxwood. As these are hardy in my area? Any thoughts on how long it takes to have the frame filled and nice looking. Probably a few years?

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Boxwood is an excellent choice for the purpose!
One addiction I have is prowling nurseries, I check out what is available and grows well in my climate zone.
I have always thought that a flowering climber with small leaves makes a fashion statement.

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I would use Korean or American boxwood because the English get so many diseases. Korean stay small, so I think that would be best.

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How did your topiary turn out? I have a dolphin frame and would appreciate hearing how you stuffed yours and how big yours was, also what did you plant in yours.
Thanks Penny

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