ivy topiary/indoor/potted/care????

brendasw(z6 NJ/NYC)November 19, 2002


I just purchased two ivy topiaries for my bay window. I was told at store to keep them moist and make sure they get as much light as possible. Is there anything else I need to know? HElp...advice...I don't have a green thumb and I want to make sure they do well!


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big_john(z6b LI NY)

Rotate pots weekly to keep topes' growth symmetrical.
if you feel the need to feed use even numbered fertilizer.
Labels on foods show three numbers that comprise elements for different growth. You want balanced formula.
Apply food at half strength. Otherwise during the fall/winter months I usually forgoe the treats, and water when slightly dry.
Moist really means lightly damp.
If you keep plants constantly wet they will develop root rot over winter.
Also likely to attract and raise healthy flock of fungus gnats. Yes...they are as bad as they sound.
As far as training you have options. If frame is 'light' in vines you can let some trailers grow long enought to weave back into frame. If the frame is pleasingly plump with foliage just nip tips when they reach outside the box to hold shape.
Beware drastic pruning. Better to putter and inspect plants for browning/yellowing leaves every couple days. This will cut down on possible problems from getting out of hand.
Prevention is the best medicine.


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My hedra ivy was in a hanging basket outside. For a week it received 100 degree heat while I was out of town. It looks cooked! What should I do? Should I prune all the woody stems? Can Ivy grow on old wood?

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