What are your best plants in this hot, dry year?

garden.of.aaronAugust 2, 2012

Hey y'all.

I'm a relative newbie gardener in Middle TN (2 years experience). First-time poster to these forums.

With the heat and the drought, this of course has turned out to be a doozy of a year to garden.

Some of my favorite plants that have toughed out the heat and drought include gaura lindheimeri and hardy blue plumbago. I'm also pretty darn impressed with an ajuga too.

What have been your stars in this hot, dry year?


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I have many different types of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Unbelievably, most of them that are in the ground have done pretty well. I've watered some of them a few times, but mostly left them to fend for themselves (due to lack of time). Even though it's been incredibly hot this year, the ground around here hasn't been drying out nearly as bad as I would have thought. I've dug down a few inches expecting to find nothing but dust, only to find a considerable amount of moisture.

My problem children are my potted plants. I have around 300 on my patio and front porch, and they have required watering almost every day (except for the days it has rained).

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I didn't know there was a hardy plumbago. I'm from New Orleans and I thought all of them were tender.
As to plants doing well in the Tupelo MS area: abelia, perennial hibiscus, rosemary, coneflowers, limelight hydrangea, ornamental grasses.

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@Brandon7 - 300 potted plants?!~ I can't even imagine! But I'm very jealous to hear that all your in-ground plants are doing so well. I haven't dug down much because on most days the ground is hard as rock.

Well, we've had some rain recently so things have perked up, but before that it was brutal.

@louisianagal - Yep, hardy plumbago, ceratostigma plumbaginoides, is great stuff!

Our perennial hibiscus and coneflowers are doing pretty well too! Do you have any problems with humidity or drainage issues with rosemary in Louisiana? I'm hoping to plant some Arp Rosemary next year!

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aaron, i now live in tupelo ms but my screen name is still louisianagal. never grew rosemary in n.o. but here in tupelo it is doing very well, i have it planted on the top of a small slope so drainage is very good. part sun.

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