re-plant holly - or not? (planted low in ground)

ralph_d(6b)August 25, 2012

I had several 5' tall, potted Oak Leaf Hollies planted last fall. I believe trees should be planted with the top of roots/root flare just above ground level, but these were planted even with ground level. One of the trees has settled almost an inch deeper into the ground. I am thinking about digging out the tree, tamping dirt in the hole and replanting. Since the tree looks great, I might be doing more harm by replanting. As a compromise, I thought I could use my hands and a hose to pull away dirt away from the high grade side of the trunk. If the tree is doing fine after almost a year, should I just let it be? Thanks for any guidance.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Factors like how well your soil drains and what the potential for further settlement is, probably need to be factored into your decision, but, without further info that you have provided so far, my gut feeling is to leave them. An inch isn't all that much with reasonable well draining soil. And, moving them now means significant root loss and set-back for your hollies. If they've started adapting well to their conditions and you don't see further sinkage as likely, just leave them alone.

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