Missouri Surprise

larryw(z6Ohio)February 11, 2012

In 2008 we had a long discussion about recreating an old hybrid named Missouri Surprise developed by a Dr. Lambeth at the University of Missouri. It was supposed to be a cross between Mozark and Sioux.

Has anyone made any progress in recreating such a cross, and if so what were the results and is seed available?

In 2008 I was able to get seed from Dr. Trinklein at U of M

for Mozark, and was able to obtain Sioux, Glamor, And Avalanche seed from several other Garden Webbers.

I have quite a lot of both Mozark and Glamor seed.

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Larry, Look at Mariannasheirloomseeds.com; Select
Papa Vic's stash; featured are some not-stable crosses
made by Bill Jeffers (can't remember his Garden Web name).
Item MOX3115 is a Mozark x Sioux cross. Also available
is Big Cheef, Dixiewine which comes from the Brandywine/NAR cross Bill made a few years ago. Dixiewine
was actually NARX, the regular leaf red (Brannar was a
potato leaf red grown by Ami). Anyway, check out Marianna's updated website for the cross you're interested
in. Darlene

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Thanks very much for the info! I have ordered the Mozark x Sioux and the Dixiewine.

The photos posted on the M x S look exactly as I remember Missouri Surprise. The last time I grew it was in 1977,
we moved here to western PA then and all my garden seeds were lost in the move (or ripped off as several other things

I remember that quite by accident I had developed a cross between Big Boy and Sweet 100 cherry that was stable, threw fronds of 2" dia reds one after another, and was a very healthy reliable plant. Those seeds were gone with the rest, all lost in the move

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Glad you got it, Larry! Sorry about your loss-great tomatoes, especially home crosses, are like members of
the family!

I got Dixiewine and the sisterline to Big Cheef (maybe
it's larger than BC). I've grown out some of the F3 Brandywine/NAR and it'll be interesting to compare
Dixiewine to them-they're all RL and PL reds (all appear
the same). Bill has said elsewhere that he may recross
Brandywine and NAR for sale on Marianna's site next year
for anyone interested in looking at the various genetic combinations-maybe some good pinks like I've seen discussed. Anyway, it might be fun for some of the younger
members to try some of Bill's crosses and find a favorite
to stabilize and name.

I think I've probably been near the areas in PA/Ohio you
mentioned-doing wear tests on jeans worn in underground
mines (Consol) near Washington, PA and in strip mines
in Ohio-beautiful countryside. Darlene

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Yes, we are blessed with some of the most varied and beautiful country in the US here in what I call Pennsyltuckie!

What struck me 30+ years ago when we moved here was the deep green color of the leaves, the twisting country roads through valleys and hills, seams of coal exposed wherever roads were cut around and beside hills and mountains, and the evident humor and industry with which the folks in
West Virginia, eastern Ohio, and western Pennsylvania
addressed their lives.

I worked in the coal industry for awhile also, Darline.And
I was in mines run by Consol near Washington, PA. And, oh my, tomatoes seem to love the weather and well tolerate the the mostly soso soil we have here.



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