Countdown to MTPS!

tlfox(7b-8a)August 22, 2010

Am I seeing my calendar right...only 8 weeks until the swap?? Third weekend of October...October 16th... Where did the summer go?

Is anybody else looking forward to it? I can hardly wait! Anyone looking for anything special? I have been working on some garden art to offer for trade...


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Summer has flown. I am looking forward to the swap, especially to swapping for some shrubs and/or old rambler rose starts.
I've had mostly positive results with the perennials I received this spring. A wonder with the dry weather and my not weeding well when it got really hot.

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I am soooo excited we love it and im telling you , im gonna have the iris i need to thin beds badly, we love ya all and had so much fun this spring, 931-581-9892 Ruby aka Tigerlilly.
would love Golden chain tree. and weeping redbud, any rose, and of corse Tigerlillies !!!! A yellow one would make my life comeplete ! lol see ya all there.

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I was just thinking about the swap today and how much I miss you guys. With all the garbage and upheaval that is going on in my life now it's been difficult to get on GW lately. I sure look forward to spending time with everyone in a few weeks!

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I'm new to TN and the TN forums, and still learning some things about GW. I live in Jasper TN. Where is the MTPS held? I think I may have the "opportunity" to choose between ET and MT! Can my husband stand it???

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Oh, why choose? You should go to BOTH! :D

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Junebug - I am in Chattanooga - not to far from you. I go to both - you should try to go to both too. You will meet some fabulous people - have some good food - learn a little something from the guest speaker - and come home with a ton of plants.

My first swap was this spring - I attended both. They are so very different - but the underlying content is the same - gardeners of all walks of life that come together to share a common interest. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun with so many others that enjoy what makes me the happiest.

Hope to see you there. :D


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Ok, so where is the MTPS held? Is there another site/forum where I can get the details?

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Go here for the details on the where. The when hasn't been updated on the site - but it should be October 17th - the third saturday of October.

I was encouraged to come even though my garden was very new and I didn't have much to trade. But I came home with so much more than I ever thought I would - and was thrilled with it all.

Hope to see you there!!


Here is a link that might be useful: MTPS

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Great! Thanks for the link and info. I do not have all the sites, links, exchanges, lingos and how they interrelate quite figured out yet. I would like to come, but we might be taking a vacation that weekend. Need to firm up my plans, but hope it works out. Never been to that part of the state.

By the way, is there a way to see any topic that has been updated at the top of the list? And to resort the entries with the most recent at the top?

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heathersgarden(6b/7a Mid TN)

Do we have a confirmed date for the fall MTPS?

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Junebug - The East Tenn Plant Swap is Oct 2, if that is one that you might consider. I go to both of them, Chattanooga seems to be in the middle - you are going I-24 or I-75 either way.
As for getting the lingo, etc down - I am still learning myself. Everyone is so helpful - do be afraid to ask, they will point you in the right direction. And your other question about sorting the posts - I have no idea. Searching is still a wierd one for me - I seem to pull up everything except what I am looking for.

Heather - they said it was the third Saturday of April and October - so October 16th? At least that is what I have heard - but no info on the time yet, but same place. Can't wait!! :D

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Fall swap im going to be bringing colored tiles for breaking to make stepping stones and garden balls, etc, lots of yellow flag iris big mama hosta asst other iris and lillies lots of all,,,,also some garden art bat houses and bird houses, also,,,,ceramic surprises and bowling ball s like u have neverseen before, already planning and working towards making alot of folks smile.
= D i will post my wish list soon,,,,,,,

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