Topiary Trimming

ConcreteboyDecember 6, 2004

I have always had trouble trimming my spherical topiary plants. I recently found this new form of trimming frame which provides perfect shapes and is very quick to use. It is attached to the plant for the trimming and then removed. The end result looks like a perfect sphere which has been hand trimmed. The best thing is that it is very quick, and can be used over and over again on different plants. Since you take it off the plant once trimmed nobody knows that you used a guide! I would recommend it to everybody. Send me an email and I will forward you the link to where you can get one!!!!

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Hi Concreteboy, that sounds like a great new idea. I would love to know where to get one. I was also wondering how to get my plants a bit bushier, if you had any ideas I would love to know.

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Hi. I think that sounds like a great product, always looking for a way to trim my Topiary so that it looks like a topiary ball, where can I get one???


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thats what i need where can i get one?

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Please tell me where I can find one of these trimming frames!

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Please tell me where I can find one of these trimming frames!

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What a star you are - that's just what I need. I have a conical shaped topiary but I'm hopeful your contact would be able to supply a trimming frame for that. Please let me know who I need to speak to. Thanks

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String is cheaper. Just wrap the string in the shape you want the plant and go to work. I use this for the spiral look.
As for sphere and cones, well I can buy shrubs now that stay that way and I am more into the art of topiary. You can't make a bear or a turtle with a trimming frame and even if you could, what fun would that be.
The point is that topiary is a time consuming project. I always have my clippers in my pocket to clip stray growth, and that is every day!
Good luck, but I'm sticking to artistic end of things.

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