emily65August 15, 2007

The heat and drought in the Memphis area are horrible - however, there are some benefits

1) The rotten squirrels that ate the few peaches that survived the spring freeze seem to be thinning out. I hope the little buggers all die. (However, I do hope my big red squirrel who lives in the woods makes it okay)

2) The cowbirds that have been after the figs seem to have disappeared the last couple of days. Maybe it got too hot for them. They are vile creatures.

3) I think the ground finally got too hard for the blasted moles that had trenched up the yard. Good riddance!

4) My husband found a snake skin in the woods - 6 feet 9 inches long! Do you think the evil thing may die in this heat? If I were to run up on that thing while out for a walk, I think I would croak.

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

Hey -- you ought to be cheering that snake and his obviously healthy appetite! ;-)

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The squirrels seemed to have thinned out in my yard too.
A couple remain, but I rarely see them.

I have a large flock of starlings. How do these things survive? I have had bird die-off of other species in my yard.

I have a family of skunks that try to dig up the moles. The skunks run me out of the yard...

As long as your snake is NOT a copperhead, cottonmouth, or rattler I invite it into my yard.

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lol, here's a little pollyanna for you.

Four of my five 50+ foot tall pin oaks have lost all their leaves from the snap freeze followed by the drought and recent heat. My yard looks more like it's the middle of november rather than august...it's tragic.

However, on the bight side of things, I can get a huge jump start on my composting for the season...

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