Colorful tropical shade shrub?

sumradagnothJanuary 3, 2011

Hi I am looking for some advice on a tropical shade loving shrub that adds alot of color... around 4' would be great.

this would go in ground (not a pot)


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There are some bromeliads that get pretty tall (for a bromeliad) and do well in shade.

Ti plants are beautiful plants that come in several colors and can handle shade (but do best in partial sun).

Dracaena fragrans is a really shade loving plant. and is pretty colorful. They can handle full shade and partial shade, and have their best colors in shade.

Song of india is another dracaena and has a lot of nice color and likes the shade.

Lady palms arent too colorful, but the foliage is very nice and its slow growth will keep it small for a while (their are taller types that will get tall).

Pretty much any plant sold as a house plant can handle shade and some are very colorful. Philodendrons do great in shade. Some stay small and some get tall.

Pothos Vines make a great ground cover (with very small leaves) and once they have a tree to climb on, they will make very impressive (vines) with HUGE leaves that have lots of color.

Good luck!

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