Aaaarg! My EE's rotted!

fponzani(NEOhio Z5)January 27, 2011

I had a couple of awesome drifts of "Black Diamond" EE's last summer around my pool. They really added to the tropical vibe in the backyard. I had purchased the plants at the end of the season in '09 from Lowes - they were dumping them cheap. The first winter I nursed them along in their pots in the house. They didn't look great, all leggy and sorry looking, but they responded just fine when I planted them in the spring. Last fall I decided to dig them up and try to store the bare bulbs. I dried them out for a couple weeks, but they were still full of moisture. I put them in cardboard boxes anyway with sphaghum peat moss and placed them in the garage. I just checked them today and much to my dissapointment, nearly every one was rotted.

So the question is - What did I do wrong? Should I have left them unpacked? And also, I'd like to get my hands on a goodly number of black EE (Black Diamond or Black Magic) bulbs or plants at good price this year to try again. Does anybody have a source? At least a dozen, maybe two dozen plants would be great, so paying $15 each for them would be out of the question.

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My only guess is that it got too cold. What kind of temperatures did it see?

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fponzani(NEOhio Z5)

Probably into the 30's. Too cold?

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livsauntieshel(6b/7a south PA)

Hi, if you're still looking for a supplier I found this one last week. I'm in a nursery management class and we're doing business plans, including finding wholesalers and suppliers. They have black magic, and discount for volume. NOT CHEAP, but cheaper than retail. You would have to contact if you want to just get them as bulbs, the info on their page says the plants are packaged/potted for retail resale. See link. I haven't ordered from them, have no personal experience with them so...I'd check them out on that other garden site, the one we can't mention here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Callas EE page

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