Colocasia Illustris Spot Problem

Eric55(5)January 12, 2005


I have 2 Colocasia Illustris "Elephant Ears" and there are multiple brown spots on the edges of the leaves (see photos). Is this normal as the leaves age? Some of the new small leaves have these spots too. Any ideas of what is happening?

Thanks for any information you can share!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Rich soil, abundant moisture and humidity are the keys to Colocasia success. Lacking these may produce your symtoms.

Cheers, Barrie.

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goldpianogarden(z9, S.E. GA)

I had several very large clumps of that plant, and I finally pulled every one up and threw them all away last year. They all stayed ratty looking all the time.......brown leaves, spotted leaves, brown edges on the leaves, etc. I decided that there were way too many other colocasias and alocasias to choose from, so I wasn't going to mess with all that drama from 'illustris'.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I noticed with several alocasia and colocasia varieties I have in the house that the spots went away when I put them in the laundry room where they get the extra heat and humidity from the laundry. Unfortunately the window is too small for very many of them, but I think that's the answer. My 'Illustris' was beautiful the last two summers (we specialize in heat and humidity here) and looks terrible outside now, but I'm sure will be beautiful again once the warm weather returns (soon, and then we'll be fussin' about it in a few more weeks. But it's cold and dreary now!)

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