Traveling by plane with plants/seedlings

Noteybook(5)June 4, 2012

Hey everyone! I'm a novice gardener who's going to be moving soon into a zone 5 area from a zone 10(Florida). I've snooped around the TSA's website, and the airline's website in regards to traveling with plants, but nothing came up. I contacted the the agriculture department of the state I am going to(Ohio) and told them the situation, and they said since my seedlings are non-invasive species it's fine. I understand Florida is under quarantine because of the Citrus situation, but none of these seedlings are citrus(I'll be bringing the seed packets along, hopefully that might be able to help.. it's hard to tell what things are when they're small).

The seedlings are a mix of Gypsy Pepper(hybrid), Red Robin Tomato, and Red/Yellow Pear tomato. They all are about an inch high, with their first set of true leaves growing/out. Now, they are all in the traditional seed tray with seed starting mix. I'm still working out in what kind of container I'll bring them in.. a cardboard box with a plastic cover, maybe some plastic box with a snap-on cover, etc.. If security will allow that, I mean they say no liquids but.. nothing about dirt, mixes, and stuff like that.

I've looked on the forums in regards to traveling with plants, and the threads/posts I've seen, although helpful, were from a few years ago. I wonder with the constant change in regards to security and whatnot if they'd be out of date at this time.

I've tried contacting the TSA directly VIA e-mail, but no luck. So I'm wondering if any travelers would be able to help me; or at least reassure me that my little seedlings won't get tossed while going through security. I'll take some pictures when my camera battery has recharged.

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Here's a picture, as well-sorry if the quality isn't so good, this camera is an old canon that's gone through water damage.

Also, no idea why the Gypsy Pepper(far right) seems so leggy. They get plenty of direct sun every day... granted they were supposed to be sowed directly but the soil where I am is essentially a marsh-bathtub. Nasty, yucky, and compact like heck with limestone only a foot or so below it. But, yeah..

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I brought back potted orchids from Florida to Wisconsin in March with no problems. If you want details, email me via GW. Happy to help if I can :)

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