Australian Winter Pea as cover crop

JonCraig(6b)August 15, 2013


Thinking ahead to the late fall/winter...

In years past, I've simply mulched the garden with straw and/or leaves and left it to sleep 'til spring. I've been reading about winter cover crops, and it seems that Australian Winter Peas would do well as a green manure.

Anybody have any experience with them in TN?

Any suggestions on best place to buy (either brick and mortar or internet)

Alternatives that work better? Etc.?



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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I have zero experience with AWP's and near zero knowledge about them. I found multiple sources, but many have poor ratings and should probably be avoided. The only source I found with good or great ratings was Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds They have a very good ("Top Five") G.WD. rating. BTW, the botanical name for Australian Winter Pea is Pisum sativum v. arvense or Pisum arvense.

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Tried some in a wildlife food plot some years back. Poor germination rate, anemic growth. Not worth planting, IMO.
Just an unimproved 'English pea' type gareden pea. I'd plant some good sugar snaps or snowpeas instead.

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