invasion of PROPERTY!

deidresenterAugust 13, 2012

For the last three months, I have had yard problems...but the problems came in 3 different waves.

First - I started seeing tunnels (in my back yard mostly and every now and then, in the front yard), no big deal at first - but then the problem got worse and so I did my research on what might be doing this = voles. ok, castor oil and "mole/vole away device" that makes noise every 30 seconds and "poison peanuts" that you put into the ground.

$43.00 so far with "slight" improvement...

Second - I start to notice some other holes (LOTS OF THEM) in my ditch (also in back yard). There are around 20 holes in my ditch, and they are fairly deep holes. They have lumpy dirt piled around them - did my research = CRAW FISH/craw daddy/mud bugs/crayfish...different name, same little devils. I don't know what to do about these little busters. I read that dropping mothballs into their home and packing in the top of the hole would work, but there were new holes after I did this... I also seen somewhere that Ortho (acetate) used to kill fire ants, would work on these too. I only bought this a couple days ago, and have not had enough time to use it, but I just feel like even if I do use it, I'm going to be disappointed.

$20.00 so far...

OK, on to my third, and final problem which started occurring around 3 weeks ago... something digging up my flowerbed (also in my back yard). Only digs around the plant, then on to the next plant and does the same thing. Also digs under the gutter downspout splash guard. Did my research = ARMADILLOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought more mothballs, and spread them around. This seemed to help for about a week...then this morning, MORE DIGGING. I am looking into getting a live trap ($25.00), because that looks to be my only solution, but what in the world do I do with it once I get it trapped? I'm a girl and scared to death of critters.........eeewwwwwww!

$15.00 so far, looking at way more... (one remedy that I read recommended this: 2 feet in the ground armadillo resistant fence = WHAT?!?!)

I am at my wits end. :( it makes me so sad that I have only lived in this house for one year - and now, every crappy animal that can mess up your yard has invaded MINE :( I need HELP. I just don't know what to do, or which problem to work on first. Shelling out more money on each problem makes me want to throw up, but I can't just let these little (bleep bleep bleeps) take over what I worked so hard to get in the first place (MY FIRST HOME!) Sorry if I am ranting, but I spent a lot of time (sweating and slaving in 100+ degree weather) and money getting the yard to look nice, and then I spent more money and time in the heat sweating and tired - trying to apply repellents and stomp down tunnels... I'm exhausted. Any advice is greatly appreciated. :)

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Wow, deidresenter sounds like you have a hell of a problem. I would think that first issue would have to be moles since they are relatively common for us mid-TN people. I like you fought them for years here and in Florida. I recently bought a trap called "TomCat" at Lowes after reading all these great things about it. I was very cinical at first, but after a little trial and error I got the culprit. It's only about $20.

There is another alternative for this and the armadillo's and that's trying to kill there food source which means putting insecticides down like spectracide, Bayer, or Scott's. Problem with these is you may have to lay it down a couple of times during the summer season. If your organic, you may want to google organic insecticides.

Crawfish, catch them and boil them up :)

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my understanding is armadillos and moles eat grubs and there is something you can apply to get rid of grubs (like you said, their food source). I am thinking it's called milky spore but I could be wrong.
I want to try tomcat becoz I have a big mole problem here.

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Actually moles like worms even better, but do grubs also. They are ferocious eaters and can tunnel for many feet in a day. Before I set that trap, it looked like there was an army under there. I had just laid sod, so was really pissing me off. As I noted, it took a few days of trial and error before I snagged him/her. Haven't had a problem since. Unbeleiveable what one can do. By the way, google or go on Tomcats website as they have a video about setting it. Much better than just reading the instructions which can be confusing. pic attached of that bad boy/girl I caught. Caution, it's an ugly picture (not the mole. :)

You are right on the milky spores. One of the problems with the insecticides is that it also kills insects, like worms, that are good for your garden or lawn, but I guess there is alway a balance to deal with.

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Milky Spore works. It kills the grubs. Those varmints might decide they like your neighbor's yard more than yours.

Speaking of Cats. Mousers can be effective.

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