Umbrella plant in distress

mrsfournier(4)February 13, 2005

I live in Alaska. It was probably 35 degrees today.

I went to rescue a 6 foot umbrella plant that a woman was going to take to the dump because she had just purchased her house and wanted it out of her atrium, go figure. Needless to say the longer part of the top of the plant was hanging out of my truck.

I only had to drive about 3 miles or so. The roots and the pot never got cold as it was in the truck and I wrapped the pot. It looks in distress and I am not sure what to do. I put a space heater close to the pot and waited until it was warm to water it. She had allowed it to get very dry, maybe hoping it would die who knows. Have I done everything right and what else can I do?

Thank you

Tami in Alaska

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By "umbrella plant" to you mean Papyrus? The stuff that grows along the Nile river.If it is, it should come back from the roots even if the top dies.
I learned my lesson about hauling plants in the back of a pickup when the wind pretty much shreded the leaves of my bamboo, but it sounds like yours got shocked from being inside(warm) to getting wind whipped by cold air.
good luck!

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