Newbie with lots of plants....needs a little help!!

coderedSeptember 17, 2007

Hello, I'm new at gardening and I've learned alot this year but, I still have a lot to learn. I planted tons of plants this year and most are still doing well despite the drought. I plan on going to the fall swap in knoxville and I am not sure about what plants will survive the winter or will survive if brought in. Some I know and some I don't. I may be able to bring more than I think and save more for next year if someone had the time to look at my gardens and educate me a little better. I'll appreciate any help I can get. Thanks,


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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

If you start by listing your plants, we'll be happy to run down the list with you. :-)

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I'll try to get a list together, but I don't know all of the names. I know most of them. I have some that have more specifis names than I know. Like I have sedums, but I don't know what kind. Maybe I could post some pics.

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

We always love looking at pictures!

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myrtleoak(z7 TN)

Most sedums are very hardy.

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but many other sedums are not. Sedum survival can also be highly dependant on the soil. Many that would rot in soil that doesn't drain well will do just fine in well drained soil. If it were me, I'd leave it out and see. If one of my plants has to be babied, it better be darn special.

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Christie you can come the next weekend, after you go to the ETPS, to the MTPS and get even more stuff!

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Christie, bring your pictures with you to the swap. Most of us would be glad to look at what you have and help you to figure out what is hardy.

See ya then!

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Thank you all for the help and suggestions. I'll bring pictures to the swap. As for going to the MTPS I would love to, but with gas prices as high as they are I can't see driving that far. I really wanted to go to the spring swap in MT, but I could'nt find anyone else to go. If anyone wants cutting of anything that I have at the swap I arrange to get them to you. Maybe I'll figure some of it out before the swap.

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