Tropical (not realy)

flash14756(z6 Boise, Idaho USA)February 2, 2006

What tropical looking plants would grow well in my z6 yard. Tender plants are an option if they can be very easily overwintered (preferably in a closet or garage).

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There is a lot of choice that will make your garden look very tropical. From plants which you could overwinter in your garage and bulbs, like Alocasia, Colocasia, Canna etc... And a Banana like a «Musa Basjoo» that you can keep all year around in the garden (protected in winter) There is a great book I just got: Hot plants for cool climates (amazon) there is one with soft cover and it's cheaper, anyway it's a great reference book for that kind of gardening. What city are you located?


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flash14756(z6 Boise, Idaho USA)

Boise (go broncos!)

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I have no idea where is that «Boise» USA or Canada ? And what's «go bronco»???

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Boise is US, Idaho (ID) As for Broncos, welll.... I'm not sure...

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holly_bc(Zone 7B VanIsle)

Denis - Yikes - you embarrass us Canucks. LOL!!

I'm also interested in answers to this question. . . if there were more than one that addressed the question asked. :-))

I have an area by the pond that I would like to *tropicalesque-ize* - is that a word? (BG) It's exposed to South-Easterly's during the winter which is a concern. I have very tall bamboo there as a *backing* and certainly would like to add a Musa Banana. I like Macchoriza Alocasia and I love the plant that is pictured on the Trop Forum on the main page which I luv but don't know it's name. (Greek or Grecian something I think??) There is an Alocasia called Portodoro that has graceful wavy leaves - luv that. Certainly Cannas would work in the mix. Also Kniphomia (did I spell that correctly?) would/could look neat. Jap. Forest Grass could look neat beside or close to the pond but I gather it's pretty slow growing and prefers shade so not sure about that. Maybe a Jelly Palm??

Eric had a very neat plant which he called *Madge Simpsons Hair* LOL!! That would be a unique addition. There was another neat plant I found called a *Perry D Slocum Lotus* - not the latin obviously but a really neat plant.

I'll put a link in to my pond area page (though I'm not sure if the latest *bare in winter* pics are up. Flash do you have some pics you can post or link? Then perhaps folks will weigh in and help us design our *Tropicalesque Environment*.

With warmth,

Here is a link that might be useful: Pond Tropical Area

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Castor beans are very tropical looking and come in red or green (annuals from seed, easy)

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