Zone 5 annual seeds for 'The Look'

magickiwi(Zone 5 Michigan)February 28, 2011

I want to find what has a tropicalesque look just using annuals.

I have lots of Castor Bean Seeds to use.

What else do you recommend?

Thanks! zone 5 in Michigan

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bananatree94(6a MI)

Begonia. x hybrida �Dragon Wing�
Dracaena marginata �Tricolor�
Strobilanthes dyerianus
Tradescantia pallida �Purple Heart�
Tradescantia zebrina
all sorts of elephant ears (colocasia and alocasia) (not really annuals, like cannas store in basement for winter)
musa basjoo (stores in the basement)
ensente (same applies as above)
philodendron selloum or xanadu (bring in as a houseplant for winter)
i highly recommend going to tellys nursery in Troy, its definitely worth the drive if you are not close by. the one on 24 mile road is not as good for tropicals. but the one in troy has EVERYTHING! i swear its like heaven in there. they are open year round.

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Apparently Cassia Alata is suppose to get really tall (5-8 feet) from seed the first year and if you have a long enough and warm enough growing season, it will bloom too! But I hear that its best to sow them when its warm outside and not in early or mid spring.

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Hi Magic

I did this last summer here in Quebec Canada.

I had several different coloured brugmansia's
Castor beans,gingers,canna's,acalypha's,justicia's.
plumbago's,duranta's,ti plants,and a few others.
send me your addy and I can send you some picutres.

What I did first,was to clear an area,then put down a big piece of plastic to help retain moisture and a soaker hose.then I put in half cheap soil and and the other half shrimp compost.the plants did very well and grew to over 14 feet tall...I watered every day and they were in full sun..Most of these plants can be kept in the basement with little effort and brought back out in spring..


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