just a few tomatoes for hot dry days, cold nights??

angmnelson(5)February 23, 2012

Hi there--

I am having much trouble narrowing down my tomato list. I would like to grow heirlooms but have not had good luck with them so far. Cherokee purple, brandywine were failures (one or two tomatoes that didn't ripen), green zebra produced but didn't like, san marzano and costulato genovese produced well but had to pick them green and bring them inside. An OP "early cherry" I tried produced but was fairly tasteless.

So what I want is something that will produce well, actually ripen, and TASTE AMAZING in my conditions!

I have room for 4 or 5 varieties: 1 or 2 cherry, 1or 2 "regular type", and 1 paste. The one tomato I have grown that I really love is "Sungold"--if that tells you anything about our taste preferences! From my own reading, I am thinking of trying Stupice. Other than that, I'm just overwhelmed by choices!!!

I live in eastern washington. Summers are usually dry, nights are typically cold (50-60 degrees typical).

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Sweet 100 cherries have always been exceptional for me. Huge production and super sweet.

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I second sweet 100's!
But you need to find out why so many of your varieties are not doing well at all.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

angmnelson, I'm wondering why you had to pick San Marzano and Costoluto Genovese green and bring them inside.

How long is the growing season? (If you're not sure, ask your county's Cooperative Extension office: WA Extension offices.) Did you set the plants out too late for fruit to mature on the vine? Did it take too long for the plant to set fruit? Was the weather unusually uncooperative?

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