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watboyFebruary 26, 2009

Hello all. Well it's about that time again when we start planning our gardens. I have a question that I seem to ask every year because I forget and I lost my journal from last year when my laptop crashed. What would be a good time to start my tomato seedlings and a good time plant out my carrots? I'm getting excited for my BLTs already oh boy do I have a ways to go!I hope you all had a good winter.

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daylilyfanatic4(Zone 6 SE NY)

hi, It depends were you live. here in SE NY our last frost date is may15 so countback 8 weeks and that puts the tomato seeding date at around march 20th. as for carrots direct seed them as soon as the soil has warmed above 47*or so

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cleo88(6 / MA)

I am in MA Zone 6, so probably right to your north. I am planning on planting out May 16, so I am starting a small number of tomatoes 9 weeks out (March 14) and the marjority of them 6 weeks out. I'm sort of running an experiment to see if the ones I start earlier turn out better or worse than the later ones. But I agree with daylily - March 20 is probably a great date to start tomatoes for around here.

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jtcm05(Zone 6 CT)

6 to 8 weeks before Memorial Day

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thanks all. i knew it was roughly around those dates i had to make sure you only get one chance in these parts

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I live in southern CT (12 mi. north of the sound). I usually plant sometime between May 15 and Memorial Day, depending on the weather. I have found that if I start my seeds before April 1, the plants get too leggy before plant out time.

John A

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