Drying up Windmill palm

poaky1February 23, 2014

I put my potted windmill palm indoors this winter. I am trying to keep it watered, and am failing at that. It needs away from the dry indoor air. Once I get it downstairs, is it likely to put out more foliage? Or even if it waits until spring/summer, will it refoliate, being that no frost/freeze damage has happened, only drying out of the spears/foliage? My basement is where I keep my houseplants all winter, with good humidity and a constant 60 ish degrees all winter.

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Ah, No replies. I guess things will not be good for this palm. I will put it out in spring and protect it from hard freezes. I am hoping it will put out new fronds, since no freeze damage was done, only drying from being indoors in winter.

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Yes me, it's me again. You killed this palm, buy another and put it outdoors covered and in the greenhouse next winter, okay, sounds good. Yes anyone reading this, I HAVE been drinking.

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