I finally woke up my 14' outdoor 'baby' (palm tree)

arctictropical(Z4)March 28, 2012

She looks better than ever!

ks better than ever!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Wow that's cool! Quite a surprise sight in that landscape.

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Thanks, purpleinopp. Yeah, even though I live out in the countryside, I get lots of people slamming on their brakes when they drive by.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

That is SO cool!!

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Thanks "love the yard". She now has about 10-12 flower spikes . One spike has split open to show small flower buds. I'll take another picture when she's in full bloom.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

That is just crazy to think about seeing that beautiful palm tree in Cache Valley, Utah. You must get a thousand questions about it. How did you get her out to Utah? Was she originally a mail order? What size when you first planted her?


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Hi Carol. I bought both of my oldest palms at a local department store in their seasonal nursery. They were just one gallon potted plants. (I also bought a beautiful Mediterranean Fan Palm that's now 8' tall and has a thick trunk. It's been outside for about 22 years.) It's MUCH slower growing than the Windmill palm. I just planted a Hesper palm (Blue Mexican Fan Palm) outside. I had a huge California Fan Palm that did very well until this year. I think it died. I'm not sure what happened. Time will tell. It looks pretty sick.

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Artic, what do you do to protect them in the winter? What did you mean by "wake it up" did you uncover it?

BTW, your palm is beautiful.

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Hi pcan. I have an 8' tall 4'x4' Styrofoam box made out of lumber and 2" thick Blueboard insulation that sits on top of the base made from railroad ties that you can see in the picture. We had already taken down a few levels of railroad ties. There are three screw-in florescent light bulbs in the top of the box to give it a little heat in the winter. I have to add at least two extra levels of railroad ties every year since the palm grows at least a foot each year. It's blooming right now, with about 8-10 flower spikes in bloom.

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glaswegian(5b, Ont)

Lord have mercy.....that is just crazy. I wish I could that here in Ontario Canada. Surely a labour of love, and that is what makes us tropical lovers what we are

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

That is amazing but if only I had space in the yard to try such an experiment. I think it's cool even having houseplant sized majesty palms outside on the deck for the summer, but would love something that gets old enough to get the traditional palm tree trunk. Arctictropical, what would you say would be a good 'first' palm to experiment with in such a manner - the windmill palm? I guess another option might be to grow it in a pot (though probably wouldn't get 14 feet high) and take indoors for winter, but for that you would probably need a bright sunroom or greenhouse? No storing in a dark basement like ensete banana plants?

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Windmill palms are the best to start with. The next hardiest would be the Mediterranean Fan Palms. Then Pindo and Washingtonia.

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Tristan Pierson

That is very helpful. What do you do about the top? And what do you do to protect the leaves?

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I am in zone 6 and am wondering how much protection is too much and too little for a zone 8-9 plant being stored in zone 6 in winter. If indoors Ok, but if outdoors, how warm/cold is ideal?

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Hi Poaky.... Zone 6? I would still suggest a Styrofoam box with florescent lights bulbs for a little heat. If your winter temperatures get below 10 degrees at night, It might kill the spear of a Trachy or Mediterranean Fan Palm. Other palm varieties are less cold hardy, so definitely need protection. My 16' Trachy died when I tried a new protection method.... bubble wrap and a heating cable. I'm pretty sure I cooked it to death. I wish I could tell you more, but I never know how warm or cold it gets inside the boxes during Winter. All I know is they have survived -39 temperatures at my place with the boxes on. The boxes work! Good luck!

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I can no longer put it all off like I did in August. I have some sheets of Styrofoam from my mom ordering a kitchen Island. The boxes had some wood for a frame and lots of styro sheets. They were not all long, but I don't have to buy all the styro sheets I'll be using. I am really afraid I will cover things too early and they will cook under-cover too soon. Have you (arctic) or anyone else added lights after the initial covering? In my zone 6, there will be some 30's and 40's for awhile. Only (usually) once Dec and Jan maybe some of Feb come around the Teens and 20's are more prevalent. There are the -0 F nights that may only present themselves for at the most a few nights. Many winters may not ever reach the minus zero temps. Anyhoo, I am sorry for rambling, but will try light covering at first and then I will try burlap and lights. Arctic, please add anything you think I need to9 know. Thank you, poaky

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pootpoot1(9B inland empire)

It's nice to see someone appreciate a palm like this. Over here in my yard they grow like weed. We cut down a baby fan palm, and in a matter of a couple of months they grew back and even doubled their size. Now we just leave them growing.

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It died last winter.... I didn't have the energy or will power to protect it in the same way, so I put a heating cable and bubble wrap around it, and I think I cooked it to death!

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I purchased a little windmill palm. I THINK that is the name. It is the one that has no long trunk. It is the swamp cabbage palm. It is usually found in southern swamps. It can do well in drier situations, but grows in swamps, and has a 6 inch or less trunk, and is near impossible to dig up in nature. It grows in shade in the south. I had thought that the windmill was the one arctictropical grew, I know that MUST be wrong.

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The one I have gets no long trunk, so can't be the same as yours in the top picture, Arctictropical. I tried the Med fan palm. They were little divisions, or babies. They turned brown. I think my soil is too moist. We got a ton of rain. The word "Meditteranean" kinda says it likes drier soil. I should've never got it. I would imagine Utah has a dry climate. Unless we get a drought like the 80's, I need moist soil plants. My western native Quercus Fusiformis "live oak" from Arizona, is showing me that it hates my weather, by growing VERY slowly. It has been okay with the cold, as far as living, but obviously wants desert, and hot sun to grow well.

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