Growing Agave in Canada?

shapiro(5a Ontario)March 11, 2007

I just returned from Curacao and Bonaire with two small offshoots of a giant blue agave plant which was growing in the wild. Leaves are 4 or 5 in number, length about 3 inches. The "mother" plant was huge - maybe 5 feet across.

Do I just treat this as any other succulent - and does anyone have any idea how big it might get to be in a pot? It will summer outdoors, between May and October and then indoors in a south facing window during winter months.

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abruzzese(6b Ont.)

I have one 4 feet across in a pot, its getting too big to bring in and out of the house every year. It puts out lots of 'pups'. I also have one with green and yellow leaves.

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how do you get zone 6 in ontario????????

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