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kkaren_marie(SW coastal Cana)October 6, 2005

A friend of mine wants to go on an tour of central america with a group as she will be travelling alone. She is very interested in the plants and history of the area. We were wondering if anyone could recommend a tour group that they had travelled with.She has also been considering New Zealand. She is hoping for a fairly long (3-4wks), possibly putting several different tours together? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I can highly recommend Costa Rica. They love Americans, too, which is a rarity these days. Food is plentiful and cheap as are accomodations. Lots of rainforest plants and active volcanoes. I used for travel arrangements.

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Lukmee(Thailand CMai)

Yes Costa Rica is a very nice place - Except Costa Rica, I would not recommend you to travel to Central America. Guatemala & Belize are some of the nicest countries I have been working but it's quite uneasy for a tourist !

But why no try Asia, and specially North Thailand ! where I am a long time resident - Beautiful gardens , a extraordinary botanical garden (Queen Sirikit garden & research center),several national parks, a huge plant & flower market, many nurseries (heliconias, orchids, ferns, fragants, ...) and magnificents private garden in villas & palaces to visit. contact me directly for more details at

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busta27(Z10 SFO)

I would also reccomend either Thailand or Costa Rica
as possible destinations for botanicall and horticultural enthusiasts. I know of some group tour options available
for both countries and i personally have visited many of the botanical gardens and attractions as well. If you need more information, contact me at

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daphnexduck(Z8 Tacoma, WA)

I went to New Zealand 5 years ago and really enjoyed it. In fact, I'm planning to go back this February. My first trip was in October to see their spring flowers. The rhodys are to die for!

I didn't take a tour so I can't help you there, but I traveled on my own and it was quite easy. I landed at Aukland, took the bus up to Bay of Islands where I stayed with friends. Then bus back to Aukland, train to Wellington, ferry to South Island, train to Christchurch. Stayed with a friend in the center of the island, then bus back to Christchurch and plane home.

Aukland's flowers are similar to Los Angeles. I took a day tour with a local guide. I was his only customer that day, so I got a great tour, to some public gardens and some private homes.

Christchurch is a very special place for flower lovers. Not tropical. Mostly in the English garden style. My friend and I took two of the local garden tours (private homes) and were totally impressed. My friend took me around to public gardens and garden centers. We had such a great time in Christchurch that we stayed an extra day.

In Christchurch, I stayed at
which is a short walk from one of the greatest public gardens I've been to in the US, Canada, or England -- Mona Vale.

I found the people in New Zealand to be extreemly open and friendly. I traveled just after 9/11 and wore US t-shirts, so I had people very eager to talk to me. Even waiting in the airport (plane schedules were still recovering) was fun, chatting with other travelers.

I'll check back here, if you have any questions about my trip.
Tacoma, WA

Here is a link that might be useful: link to images of Christchurch Botanic garden and Mona Vale

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macthayer(z9a NV)

Hi. My vote is for the southern island of New Zealand, tour or not. Very easy to get around. We drove, but you can also get a train. Very beautiful. Everything you're looking for and then some. The northern island of New Zealand isn't anywhere as pretty. Also Bora Bora was worth every minute of the trip. Isn't Thailand politically unstable at the moment? Didn't they just have a military coup? Just a thought, but I do like to check on the political climate of a nation before I visit, especially with world events what they are.

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