How to garden tropicalesque-style in Lexington, KY

AustinGarden(6B)March 3, 2013

Hello there,

Well, I have to have a normal-sized neighborhood backyard. With no pool, and I was wondering, how can I make it look tropical? I've got a lot of money to spend on it, since I will be buying a much smaller house than I have now. (2,500 sq. ft.). My new house should be 1,300 sq. ft- 2,000 sq. ft. So I have a lot of money to spend on it. I would spend AT MAX, 5k on it. So, how can I create that tropical look? Name some plants, maybe a pond? Please help!


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Hello Kyle,

Lucky you having that much $$ to begin, that is awesome!! I can tell you from my experience that after putting in a koi pond/watergarden just two years ago, I have gone head over heels for it. So much so, that in just a few weeks, I am going to make the koi pond bigger and add many more tropicals to it. I cant get enough, and I think you will know what I mean after you get going. It is addicting. I highly recommend doing the koi pond but do it big enough from the get go! Surround it with as many tropicals as you can. You may have to do a little extra work in the fall and spring like I do since we arent exactly in a tropical zone, but believe me, it is worth it. I am going to be doing a lot of soiless planting which in turn keeps dirt out of the water (a big plus) and also keeps the water clear because the roots act as a filter to the water. Oh, I could go on forever........ Anyway, some plants I highly recommed is Dwarf Giant Papyrus, Canna's (many varietys, but definetly recommend the bengal tiger), Elephant Ear and Angel's Trumpet. Searching this site is a great place to start because it is chocked full of information.
Good luck with your ventures!

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Buy this book and you'll get a ton of ideas (and you'll still have $4,979 left in your garden budget).

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if your moving to lexington your going to have alot of competition..lot of rich people there who spend an enormous amount on plants. i go there to a greenhouse called "pembertons" for alot of tropicals in that area.

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