I'm back to visit! What is this plant you gave me?

rizzir(z7b TN)September 24, 2007

Hello everyone!

I'm back on GardenWeb to visit you! I live in a condo in downtown Knoxville now, so I don't have many plants at home (northern exposure on the windows, unfortunately.) I have a few herbs on the community deck, as well as my Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and fuzzy baby bunny bellies (can't part with those!)

The rest of my plants that were in pots are now living at the TA truckstop at the Lovell Rd. exit in Knoxville. They are part of an experiment I am conducting to see if my company's field employees - who work at the truckstop - can keep plants alive as part of their daily duties.

Originally, when I moved to my new downtown home, I brought my potted perennials to live outside my office building at Cedar Bluff. Unfortunately I could not put them outside the doors that I used to go in and out every day... so I have to admit, they did not get as much water or attention as they would have liked. Also, they were in full southern exposure! At the time I moved them to the truckstop, they were close to perishing.

However, I am happy to say that their new foster parents at the truckstop have been taking great care of them! They get some sun, some shade, and regular watering. Being the only lovely things at the truckstop, they get lots of attention. Everything is starting to bloom - the pink brugmansia, the red and yellow cannas, the fragrant white four o'clocks and datura.

There is one plant that that one of you gave me at an ETN plant swap that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of!

Its leaves make it look like it is a type of daylily. It has one VERY tall, thick stalk when it blooms. It gets flowers all down the top 1 foot of the stalk. They are white, and at a certain time in the late afternoon, they smell incredibly sweet.

What is this plant?

If you are near the TA at Lovell Rd, stop by and see the plants (look for a small grey shack with an awning to the far left of the entrance to the lot.) Truck drivers spend most of their evenings at truckstops, and most truckstops are devoid of plants and beauty, so the thought is that adding plants to that environment would improve their daily lives in a small way. If you have a plant that you think would live in a pot at a truckstop, they would take donations of plants in pots as part of the experiment.

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

Hey you! Nice to hear from you!

What do the flowers look like? Trumpet shaped? Large or small? Any markings? Does it have a bulb at the bottom? Could it be a crinum? Or small like a tuberose?

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intimidator_3(7a TN)

Wow, it really is a small world. The Lovell Rd. T.A. is only about a quarter of a mile as the crow flies from where I work.

I work on Dutchtown Rd in the industrial park right behind there. Ive never been into the T.A. but stop in at the Fast & Friendly market right next door quite a bit though. Ill have to make a point of going home by that way tomorrow.


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rizzir(z7b TN)

Tuberose! That's it! Now I can tell the folks who work there what it is - I'm sure there will be drivers asking about it (it's so unusual!)

I should have clarified earlier that the folks at the truckstop are willing to take "starts" that could be stuck in one of the pots with the other plants. Anything that you think could live in a pot over the winter.

The "hut" is the one marked "idleaire" over in the far end of the parking lot.

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