Dead, Dying, or Dormant?

bari_sax(z9 CA Bay Area)March 30, 2005

Now that winter is over, it's time to triage the garden. I've got a couple of plants that I'm not sure if they are completely dead, are dying, or are still just dormant and waiting for things to warm up a bit more.

If in the latter two categories, are there any suggestions of what I should do to help them along (e.g. pruning, fertilizer, etc.)?

Some specifics regarding the pictures on the web site:

The angel's trumpet was doing fine until we had one or two cold nights (probably about 35-39 degrees). Then all the leaves fell off. The outer parts of the limbs feel somewhat hollow, but it seems more solid when you move inward to where the color switches from red to green. Perhaps it needs to be pruned back to the green portion?

The king palm lost most of its leaves before winter hit, but there's still a bit of green if you look closely, which makes me wonder if it's going to come back.

The tropical hibiscus was planted late last season.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dead, Dying, or Dormant?

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If it were me, I'd just leave them alone and see what happens. Many times I have 'tossed' a 'dead' plant, only to have it show signs of life weeks later, perhaps after a warm rain. Patience is a difficult virtue to cultivate, but it pays off in gardening.

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Meghane(7b NC)

Angel trumpet will be fine. Here, they die completely back every winter, but grow bigger each year. Don't know about the palm. I usually employ the wait and see method on them, for at least 4 months, because it seems palms in general take a long time to recover.

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