Rangoon Creeper (Quisquallis Indica)

bigbubbacain(z9a TX)March 13, 2007

We had an unusually hard freeze and my Rangoon had not show any leaf buds yet, while my Brugmansias, Hibiscus and even my Champaca are showing signs of life. The Rangoon was well-established in the ground. Do these survive a freeze to come up from the root, or is all lost?

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when I lived in Corpus Christi they would sometimes freeze and recover ,, other times they did not ,, There were some large ones in Weslaco in a nursery there that did fine ,, I don't think that nursery is there any longer from what I heard ,, they are difficult to propagate from cuttings ,,,

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live in zone 9b - SW Florida.

the past two winters have been really cold - thought I'd lost my creeper - it didn't get covered - it's been in the ground 8-9 years and is against a decorative outside wall not attached to the house.

it has come back strong - not quite as many flowers this year.

Love this plant, would like to get a double blossom variety. Very fragrant.

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original creeper mentioned in post above continues to do well.

Did purchase a double blossom plant - surprise!! NOT fragrant at all. This was a big let down. The blossoms aren't as long or as colorful as the original either. It does flower more profusely.

I like the original better. The fragrance is divine and the flowers are prettier.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

That's odd. My double rangoon creeper has an awesome scent plus great bloomer. I am in a 9a and it roots itself into the ground from the pots every year and makes new plants the next spring from the ground under where the pots were. We hit 19 the other night for the first time in years and one of the escapee rangoons is still alive from where I had a pot last year lol. They are great vines, I don't mind them being a little invasive. Maybe if all of our 4 acres filled up with them then ya I could see that would be annoying haha.

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