Queen Palms, seperation distance

cmfyrman(9)March 1, 2005

I am planting several queen palms in my yard. I wanted to know the closest distance I could plant them together.

Of course when they are only 8 feet tall 3 foot seperation would look ok, but I know they can get quite tall.

I often see the recommended distance but wanted to know the absolute closest I could put them. Thanks for your help/

Chris in CA

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Since you have not got a response yet, have you asked your palm nursery? The fronds would probably not be a problem but the root mass might be. As I am sure you know if you have to move them later the expense would be staggering.
I have a lot near me in which the spacing between the Queen palms is 3 ft between the trunks. The upper fronds share the same space & create a nice view. They are about 30-40 ft tall. The nice thing about the close spacing is it creates a barrier; a car or motorcycle can not drive through the palms, which might be a problem in the lot.

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Django(z9 LA)

I just planted 10 in my yard today. I have been wrestling with this question. I drove around town and noted how much space mature queen palms seemed to need. I planted mine approximately 15 feet apart.

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Hi I am planting 3 queen palms in my back yard alone the fence line and pavers, My question is how much space from the fence line and the pavers do i need to have for the roots to grow?

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