When to plant black EE

pcanMarch 14, 2011

Hello everyone!

I am old to gardening but new to tropicalesque gardening. This year I am putting in a tropical bed!!! And I am very excited about it. I have been learning a lot reading through this forum.

I have a question about planting EE plants.

I purchase a black EE online from Pacificcallas.com. They said it ships in March in a (3.5 inch pot) so it may be coming any day. And I plan on buying some EE bulbs from the grocery store.

I just don't know when it is safe to plant them?

I am putting them in a north facing bed that gets 2-4 hours of sun. We are in the high desert and get a couple weeks of temps over 100 every year.

I have amended the sandy soil already with a lot of compost, peat moss and manure. The bed is also heavily mulched with wood chips.

We have had temps in the 50's and 60's the last couple of weeks, but will likely get a few more snow storms before May 15th.

Any ideas of when I should plant them?

How deep do I put the bulbs?

Thank you for the help!

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Hi, I also in live in Utah (Layton zone 6) and I have found it doesn't do any good to try and plant them early because they just sit there until it gets nice and warm outside. I usually plant mine around the 2nd week of May and they don't really take off until it starts getting really warm outside. I plant mine about 3 inches deep and give lots of water and fertilizer once they start growing. I grow mine in pots and overwinter them in their pot in the garage.

I have a lot of tropical plants that I overwinter that way. I also plant cannas and bananas to give the tropical look, along with a few potted palm trees. I have sucessfully overwintered the Musa Basjoo Banana plant in the ground for 3 years now by cutting it back and mulching with bags of leaves and straw. It comes back bigger and bigger every year and definetly gives the tropical look without too much effort.

Good luck with your tropical garden!


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H I Linda,
I'm in Utah too Provo zone 5. I'd love to know what else you have in your garden. Especially things you leave out year round!
I always get to excited and put my EE s and canna out beginning of may. Then we get more storms and I worry. Doing it early my neighbor who plants them in black plastic pots much later are always bigger and better than mine. I'm going to wait until after memorial day this year.

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