mango blooms rather than branches

mangocurtMarch 5, 2012

I have a Lancetilla mango in its first year in a pot with Al's Gritty Mix. It is about 3.5 feet high and has only 3 branches.

I recently pruned it per Dr. Richard Campbell of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. It was supposed to sprout branches in 3 weeks. It did right on time, but instead of branches they were all blooms (4, 5, & 6 on each on the branches).

Seems like I read somewhere that when a mango makes lots of flowers it is thinking it is going to die, so it is trying to reproduce before it does.

Anyone heard that or agree with it?

Is it telling me that it needs something - more fertilizer, more minors, or something?

Or is it just that when I prune at this season (Feb, March) it will make blooms rather than branches?

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