Elephant Ear WATER question

joefalco(z8 MB SC)March 24, 2005

I planted some EE bulbs in a shaded area of my house. These were the giant EE's from Home Depot.

The directions said they like shade and moisture. After reading a post here Sun was recommended and not to water them untill they sprout? Im confused this is conflicting information.

I have been watering the area heavly since planting them.

I also understand they can grow submerged in water so whats the deal? Can they grow under water but only after they are established?

Should I dig them up and look at them to see if they are rotten. They have been in the ground for 2.5 weeks so far no sprouts.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

I think you may have jumped the gun unless things have really warmed up in zone 8. They like heat more than almost anything else, and won't do much in cold soil. They may rot, or at best will just sit there until the soil warms up a bit. I would definitely suggest cutting back on water--they should remain just barely moist until you see them sprouting.

Most elephant ears seem to do best in full sun as long as they get plenty of water. They will take some shade but won't do well in deep shade.

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I'm not much on common names, I use and prefer botanical names. Are "Elephant Ears" the common name for Colocasia esculenta? If so, I'm only aware of it called the Taro plant. My sentiments are those expressed by Jonnieb above.

Cheers, Barrie.

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austinl(Little Rock, AR, 8a)

What night temperatures are required for Elephant Ear growth? Anything above 50F?

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)

They can take forever to get started, but they thrive on sun and lots of heat.

They can grow in water too, once in active growth (over 12" tall).

ideally night temps above 55-60 and 80's or better in day.

Boca Joe

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I have had success planting elephant ears for the last few years. I've left them in the ground, except for the couple times I took some in containers into the garage and left them there for winter. I heavily mulched the ones in the ground over winter (about 8 inches of cedar mulch), with no watering in winter. They usually come back bigger the next year, although some have rotted. I'll be uncovering them in the next few days, and I'll "help" slough off some of the decayed tops, if there are some that have decayed. When I do this, they usually sprout new growth shortly thereafter. Some have grown to amazing size: as high as about 8 feet, with a base over 2 feet. Don't give up on the ones you planted, but remember that frost knocks them back, and they have to be mulched in winter. Let's hope you weren't too early.
When they get going, I sprinkle bone meal around the area above the bulb a few times during summer, and it seems to keep them going strong.
Good luck!

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