Landscaping ideas around a hammock

grullablue(5)April 7, 2014

I LOVE my hammock, and spend a great deal of time in it in the summer/fall months. It's set back from the house in its own little corner, I have a farmette, so my yard is actually about two acres alone. The hammock is attached to a weeping willow and an oak tree. I have tiki torches out there, and on two sides is woods, one side, open yard, and the fourth side faces my horse pasture, and I love laying in the hammock watching the sunsets, and the horses grazing in the pasture. But, I'd like to do MORE. I'd like it to look more tropical, or at least pleasing to the eye. There is actually a pet grave under the willow, and it's "marked" by a boulder. But if anyone has willows, they probably look the same as mine. Even the grass doesn't grow very well under the willow. I would like an aggressive ground cover, and am thnking ajuga or snow on the mountain/bishop's weed. I hear they are aggressive enough to compete with the willow. I would just like to make this place my quiet retreat. I'd even considered putting sand underneath for a "tropical" feel. We shall see. I grow bananas and cannas, and brugmansia, and elephant ears here, and store them in my basement for winter. I'm thinking of somehow incorporating some of those in my hammock landscape. I've even been known to share my hammock with friends (it is a family size hammock), so making that area even more pleasing to the eye would be nice.Just looking for ideas here. Instead of ground cover, I've even considered using sand around the willow tree/rock, and then letting it also run underneath the hammock. Thoughts? Thank you!

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Since nobody has answered you, I think even if my ideas aren't great, at least you got an answer. If the area is sometimes soggy (willow trees) Creeping Jenny loves wet soil. I have it in a wet lower yard area under trees. Ajuga is great in well drained areas. Vinca will grow like gangbusters, but if you add other perennials, it can overtake them. Pachysandra likes shade, and will spread, but Ajuga is nicer, just my opinion though. I hope someday to have an area like that. I will need a larger area, my trees may give me that in a couple more years. You have that FAMILY sized hammock. Is it tied around branches, or attached with hardware? As far as tropical decorations. Look up Design Toscano. I don't get anything from you buying from them, but they have nice statues etc, a little pricey on some, but that's your call on buying etc. The Hypertufa forum has recipies for hypertufa. Usually peat moss, cement and sand some vermeculite also, mixed with some water. You can carve out designs, statues etc. If you are good at it, you can make some nice stuff relatively cheap. Go to the hypertufa forum, for recipies.

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