Best time to cut back Melianthus?

GreenieBeanie(z9CA)April 20, 2005

I'm looking for definitive advice as to when Melianthus should be cut back. Last year, I cut one back, and it returned beautifully, but now I can't remember what time of year I did this.

There are three in one of my client's gardens, and they're blooming gorgeously right now. However, the bottom leaves have mostly fallen off, and there is some new growth pushing through. My instinct says cut them back hard after they start to set seed. What say you?

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I usually wait until I see new growth. This gives me an idea as to where pruning should occur. They're such prolific growers you could cut back hard without any noticeable difference.

Cheers, Barrie.

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Thanks, Barrie.

I'm going to enjoy the seed pods for another week or so, and have at it with the loppers. There are fewer new shoots than I thought, but I think I'll still go ahead.

By the way, we were able to over-winter castor bean plants this year, after cutting them back in late January. They're so full and bush right now, they're starting to scare me!

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kerrican2001(z9b CA)

Anyone have trouble with Melianthus attracting whiteflies? We've now lost two plants to them -- they were uncontrollable even with daily spraying with either pesticide, soap and water, hosing off, etc. They love our soil and climate but we can't keep the whiteflies off.

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Trouble free up our way. No pests at all on our Melianthus villlosus or M. major.

Cheers, Barrie.

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