WANTED: the following

birdboyhg(PA 6a)January 27, 2007

Temperate plants I want

Temperate orchids (almost any kind)

Trilliums (white and pink)

pink dog tooth violets

Canada Lily

Turkish Lily

Bitter root

false indigo

indian paintbrushes

other wildflowers

hardy(to zone 5-6)aquatic/bog/marginal plants


Piper nigrum

Hibiscus schizopetalus

white cacao


Macodes lowii

Macodes sandariana


various unusual members of the amaryllis family

passion flowers

tropical pitcher plants

almost any unusual tropical flowers

if you have something, anything you would think i would like, and you want something i have, send its name

Also i have been looking for a species of water lily. it is a miniature with yellow flowers that are only like an inch wide. I saw one in a gardening magazine and would love to have a piece of root.

i have

white winter heath



blood root

golden seal

hardy orange poppys

maroon coreopsis

blackberry lily (normal orange seeds,and Mixed color plants)



blue monkey flower

yellow watermelon seeds

star fruit seedlings


macodes petola (gold veined jewel orchid)

Peach brugmansia

dragon fruit (red fruiting)

dwarf and standard pomegranates

brown spiderwort

chlorophytum orchidastrum (flourescent orange stems)


water spider lily

2 unknown Paphiopedilum orchid species

a few oncidium/ brassia/ miltassia orchids


Purple Passion fruit

Golden kiwi seeds

Horned melon seeds

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