HAVE: cacao beans

romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)January 15, 2006

Make me offers! I'd especially love passiflora, plumeria, or just something really pretty!

Amanda 'romando'

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minibim(FL z10)

They have to be VERY fresh for them to be viable.

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

I just bought them last week at a local Latin market...
Amanda 'romando'

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Hey Amanda,
HAve you had any of these seeds to germinate? I have never tried them before.

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kerrouac(zone6 PA)

Amanda, I live near Hershey, Pennsylvania. (home of Hershey chocolate!) A few years ago, there were cacao plants for sale at Chocolate World. I asked about their growing conditions and was told that first of all, you need a male and a female plant in order to grow beans. Secondly, the plants grow to enormous heights in the jungle, and no one has a greenhouse that tall! In other words, they had no idea why they were selling the plants at all and they recommended against buying them.

However, since you live in a very warm zone, give it a try. I'd love to hear how it goes for you... Jill

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plantcrazy5646(7 SC)

Do you have any cacao plants? I have lots to offer.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

I just planted about 50 cacao seeds, and the first ones have started to germinate. So even though I don't have any cacao seeds left, if you are interested in cacao seedlings, remind me (send me an email) in a month or so and I could ship you some seedlings in a pot. Although shipping would be more expensive than sending seeds.

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i have passion fruit seeds, which have germinated perfectly for me, if you have any cacao seeds or seedlings i would love to trade

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

I have Cassia alata , Cassia bahamensis, jatropha multifida and False roselle seeds. I would like some cacao seeds.
Thanks in advance

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could i get some of those from you for sasbe or trade i have seeds for trade please look at my list.i can send you a variety pack of seeds for some of those if you would like

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I am growing Theobroma cacao as a houseplant and have for many years. I have had them flower for me. I did not get pods but they can be hand pollinated.
I would be happy to chat with anyone who is interested in more info.


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I live on the Island of Saipan and I am very interested in growing cacoa trees. I am having trouble finding a source to buy seeds from. Does anyone have any information on where I might obtain some cacao seeds for growing?

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