Brachychiton doesn't bloom

pier_carlo_griottiApril 28, 2011

Hi everybody,

I read many other people grow this small tree. I have been growing one for 5 years now, and no flower shows up. This Spring I hoped at last this takes place, and when the big leaves from the previous year fell down I thought the moment was arriving. Instead, the apical buds do not have but new green leaves. My question is, is this only a matter of plant age, or do I do something wrong ( soil pH, watering)?

Thank you in advance


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Which species are you trying to grow? There's quite a few.

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Usually it is a matter of age. But yes it also does depend on the species. If yours is B acerifolious and if it was a seed-grown plant not grafted, it could take many years- 6 or more.
There are many other factors of course, like soil type and depth, amount of water or fertilizer, any improvement to boost plant growth in early years is good.
Ultimately, the tree will decide when it is ready.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

B. acerifolius can take a very long time to bloom here in the San Francisco bay area, and are typically earlier to bloom the hotter the summers are. In my home town of Berkeley, or in San Francisco, they will grow but may never bloom. A 20 year old tree over 40 feet tall in Oakland has only started blooming,(when we have a hotter summer ), in the past few years. B. populneus is much more reliable, if less showy.

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