WANTED: Red Leafed Banana

sebastian(8-9)February 23, 2006


I would really love to have this colorful banana. If you have a start to trade, please see my list.

Thanks so much,


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I h ave a BIG one already dug

Do you have something else equal to offer?

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I would love one too, if you have a second one.

Looking at your list, I have:

lions tail seeds (or I could root a cutting for you)

Misi Luki banana pups

*Maybe* a dwarf red pup

To tempt you:

Three years ago I bought a variegated tapioca. It got smashed in Charley but I just took branches and stuck them in the ground and viola! new plants. They are gorgeous - the only problem is that when you grow them in a tree form (which I prefer) they topple in high winds unless staked.

Here is a picture: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/cemap/tapioca/index.html

I do not have rooted cutting right now so could either send you cuttings or you could wait for me to root some. We just got zapped by a late frost so it will be a while.

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Test - I thought I posted a followup but I do not see it!

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